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Loxogon Alloy® Operational Intelligence Platform

Loxogon Alloy™ Operational Intelligence Platform

Alloy® by Loxogon.

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The Platform

Loxogon Alloy - Operational Intelligence Platform

Healthcare in the 21st century is a highly regulated, rapidly changing, competitive and cost-controlled industry. Healthcare providers are facing challenges that cannot be addressed with the current philosophical and technological approaches. Healthcare industry trends are changing to include a focus on quality of care, patient safety, clinical outcomes, cost of healthcare, consumerism, pay for performance and access to healthcare. These trends create challenges for the hospitals to capture and analyze unparalleled amounts of data about their clinical and financial performance.

Loxogon Alloy™ Operational Intelligence (OI) focuses on providing real-time monitoring of business processes and activities as they are executed within computer systems, and in assisting in optimizing these activities and processes by identifying and detecting situations that correspond to interruptions and bottlenecks. Loxogon Alloy™ with its analytics enhancements allow you to identify and realize previously untapped sources of revenue that have been hiding within your data all along.

In the hospital setting, stakeholders require real-time access to a wide variety of clinical, financial and operational data. Healthcare providers must leverage the data from their various systems through the use of analytics to produce actionable information to improve their performance and operations. Loxogon Alloy™ is built on an agile extensible architecture and supports a variety of applications to assist and guide healthcare providers in operational decision making. Loxogon Alloy™ provides easy access to operational business intelligence to address emerging industry trends. Loxogon Alloy™ functionality includes the following modules:

Integrated Insurance Eligibility
Flat-Rate Pricing Allows Accurate Budgeting

Integrated Insurance Eligibility automates the process of obtaining, applying and documenting insurance eligibility. The Integrated Insurance Eligibility module is available as a stand alone or integrated. Learn More...

Registration Performance Manager
Ensure Registration Accuracy to Improve Claims Outcome

Registration Performance Manager integrates with all Loxogon Alloy™ products and services, providing an always accessible, comprehensive look at account information. Learn More...

Self-Pay Manager
Helping You And Your Patients Build Understanding

Manage patient expectations, collect upfront obligations and verify financial assistance qualifications in real time with our Self-Pay Manager.Learn More...

Patient Financial Responsibility Manager
Maximize Point-Of-Service Collections

Propensity to pay is far higher just before a procedure than at any other time in the revenue cycle. It has never been easier to enable front-line staff to engage with your patients regarding financial responsibility. Learn More...

Consistent, Accurate Communication

Loxogon Alloy™ eOrders module integrates physician orders seamlessly into your operation. Learn More...

Medical Necessity
Adherence to Compliance Guidelines

As physician orders follow their natural flow through your system, let the Loxogon Alloy™ Medical Necessity module take the burden of checking federal medical necessity tables and generating correct ABN forms. Learn More...

Patient Outreach Analytics
Enabling Excellence in Patient Care

Patient Outreach Analytics improves patient outcomes and enhances your revenue.Learn More...

Loxogon Consulting Services
Effective Solutions

From Revenue Cycle Optimization to Reclassification Of Accounts, even Financial Trading Systems, you can leverage our expertise and insight to streamline your operations and capture the maximum revenue possible.Learn More...

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